Friday, January 27, 2017.  I need a spot now to collect myself regarding what I am only now discovering – although there is no “professional” assistance for me anywhere near this rural town I live in – that I have always been an Autism Spectrum person!

“Disorder” is, to me, mostly an arbitrary, artificial hand-me-down concept that has no real meaning to me at this time personally, although I know there are people more advanced along the autism spectrum who do very much suffer hardships in ways that I cannot imagine.

I believe there really is so very little that we currently understand about “autism” that we are virtually in the ink black darkness about what “autism” is.  I am 65 years old now.  I will not live long enough in this world to be able to access information – that does not exist yet anywhere on earth – that could help me now.  So I will simply write and collect my words under the heading of this page.