Friday, January 29, 2015.  My oh my this week flew by although flying isn’t exactly how the going-through-the-time-of-it felt like!  “Just” life!  What a process!

I wanted to mention a research-related page I currently have open on my computer that I found yesterday.  Accidents happen with a 2-year-old in my apartment during these days.  I have my machine as high up as I can get it in this tiny apartment but he is a very tall child and already once this week he crossed the line of “NO NO” and somehow closed all the tabs of research on my computer and actually broke the scroll button on my mouse.

So I have no real confidence what’s on my screen will stay put, and pages that I stumble upon are not likely to reappear as my thinking-searching lines change moment-to-moment.  I often simply accidentally happen upon things that intrigue me.  Fodder for streams of my thinking that I cannot REALLY pursue.

Like this one.  So WAY out of my range of knowledge!  BUT I love the language in here which speaks to my imagination – to the poesis of my mind – it is beautiful!  And intriguing!  And infinitely useful metaphorically speaking!

I have to capture this title now because I doubt I would ever be able to stumble upon it again!

Quantum error correction in a solid-state hybrid spin register

Nope.  I don’t really have a clue what these authors are talking about!  BUT, because I believe that in some mysterious way all of the Creator’s creation happens in some glorious, beautiful way to mirror the reality of spirituality within it, that what this article speaks about on the “quantum” level is true on many other levels of existence, as well!


I did a brief (for me, ‘cause I have no real time right now to pursue any serious thoughts ‘cept as they relate to the simple facts of getting through my days) online search for these terms yesterday:  error detection correction epigenetics.

I know that “error detection” is a HUGE part of what our rapidly forming Anterior Cingulate Coretex is involved with as it begins to process information and form itself from the moment we are born (and evidently not BEFORE that moment).  It dawned on me as I ironed some cloth for the bags I am sewing yesterday that if error detection is involved in this brain region then OF COURSE – DA! – solutions and corrections must ALSO be connected to the growth and processing of this brain region.

So then I found this article:  Time Course of Error Detection and Correction in Humans: Neurophysiological Evidence

Of course I didn’t get very far at all scanning this article before I encountered this term:  efference copy.  Very interesting.  THIS explains why we are unable to tickle our self!!


Not that I had actually been wondering about that!  BUT!!

Of course there were other interesting tangential things that appeared yesterday at the end of my fingertips, like a description for the term SOLVER I had never encountered before.

Simply put, my ironing board revelations led me on to exploring in the brief moments before the little one awoke from his nap how it is that humans – in particular – although all of the natural world must do this innately – attempt to SOLVE problems!!

Problem solving.  OF COURSE that has to be what maintaining ongoing life is about!

From the “Time Course” article – I love finding LANGUAGE that my left brain can use to begin to describe what my right brain seems to so solidly and unequivocally KNOWS:

To adapt their behavior to an ever-changing environment, humans need to be able to monitor their performance and to detect and correct any errors.”

This mechanism [being described] compares an internal goal with the predicted consequences of the ongoing movement, made available through the efference copy…. An internal “error signal” is generated if a mismatch is detected by the system.”

I wish I had time and a focus of thought right now that would let me follow my inner research inclinations right now.  But I don’t.  By the time I finish my child caring tasks here and hopefully find a way to return to my high desert Arizona home town by next September an entirely new host of research related to my questioning will have appeared.  I must wait….

In the meantime I am affirmed that at least in the language of research what I KNOW as an extreme severe early trauma survivor is that we ARE all born to find and implement solutions to life’s ongoing problems.  EVERY ONE of us is geared by natural design to problem solve.  We are BORN “solvers.”

Sometimes what needs to happen to have big problems solved is not available on earth right now.  Time has to pass.  Our species has to continue to evolve.  Yet at the same time biology KNOWS both how to adapt to life changes even when solutions don’t seem broadly available so that individuals can HOPEFULLY keep producing offspring so that our species CAN move forward – in the best ways possible until the best world possible DOES in fact exist on earth.

I believe that WILL happen.  It is only a matter of time.


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