+PRACTICAL PRACTICE (there are times when warriors have to rest)


Sunday, January 18, 2015..  Since my completion of my earlier post today, +DEVELOPMENTAL TRAUMA – RESEARCH REVEALS NEW LEVELS OF POWERFUL TRUTHS, I have made the decision to take a break from my studies related to the articles I cited in that post.  I see other “writing on the wall” that I must take a pause to consider.  The new research about critical stages of early development and what can both constitute and cause trauma altered development is coming out fast and furiously.  HOWEVER I also believe that it will take a minimum of five years for the new information streaming from the most prestigious learning and research centers on the planet to catch up with “practice.”

I actually do not see how it will be possible for very many current professionals, be they psychiatrists, psychologists, child and family therapists or educators to be able to retrain themselves based on this new information.

It may actually take at least a full generation yet to come for those people – the next generation of professionals – to become completely trained within the new contexts for humanity that new research is so profoundly elucidating now.

We are at the stage when an entirely new paradigm is appearing.  No quantum leap is really practical on the practical level of “mental health” or even medical practice.  There are many children being born who are suffering in ways that are not necessary, and whose suffering has created and will continue to create “symptoms” in their lives of a very serious nature that nobody WITHOUT the new information to fully inform their thinking and approach to “treatment” will be able to adequately address.

This is a tragedy that I am so excruciatingly aware of, yet I really can do nothing to change what is happening on the bigger-picture levels.  New terminology such as “trauma informed care” are appearing, but at the same time there are only a very few who are aware of what researchers are discovering about what trauma really is when it comes to what most affects the earliest development of humans as it triggers cascading changes that nobody at present knows how to “fix” or repair.  Recognizing these things is a very necessary and helpful step.

Until we become clear about what causes trauma altered development – and I mean really clear from the top professionals down to the mass public – we will not recognize how to prevent these changes from happening in the first place.


On a personal level I give myself the sign for “good enough” and take a bow.  I must, I choose to, focus on whatever means I have available to me to down-regulate my distress.  I practice piano and drum, and this learning is a kind of welcome active meditation for me.  I sew.  A lot.  I am building up my “craft” inventory for any summer shows I can sell at next summer as I try to accumulate money for my move south.

I care well for a little one.  I try to eat well and to find more peaceful channels to let my thoughts flow through.

I can’t “force the river” of changes outside of myself.  I will prepare for my return move south toward the end of this coming summer.  I have even gone a number of days without seeing a bed bug in this tiny apartment, although I still have no confidence that they are really gone from my life.  That has been a horrible and very stressful experience for me to go through, as I have mentioned in earlier posts.

Northern winters are hard on me although this current one has been a welcome marvel, and I am grateful for its gentleness.  I have learned a lot during this time of my life and I am not finished learning, but I also can feel a shift within myself this evening as if I have climbed to the top of a very high hill with great difficulty and have now crested the hill and am heading down the other side.

That is good.


While there is no money for me in my mention of this herbal-vitamin supplement here, I am taking it daily now and find it extremely helpful.  That means a lot to me, so I thought perhaps other readers might wish to take a look:

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