Wednesday, February 19, 2014.  I am going to write this post in an effort to unburden my thinking and feeling that has me in its talons this morning.  My grandson is down for his morning nap.  A little bit of time to myself has appeared.  What can I say?  What MUST I say to be true to myself?  Will my thoughts come into words in anything like a coherent pattern?

I must try….

First I will say I am thinking about the vision I was given up on our Alaskan mountain homestead the year I turned 15.  I have not asked – that I know of – for my perceptions today at 62 any more than I asked for that vision to come to me.  I was physically a woman at 15 but only around the time of my vision did I face the transition, the transformation that would take me from my age of innocence into my age of accountability.  I have been accountable for many of my choices since that day.  I am accountable now.  But – for WHAT?

What lone voice do I think with, sing with, today?  In that vision I had no fear.  No worries.  No concerns of any kind.  The extent of my feeling troubled today is so strong upon me that it is hard for me to follow my ordinary self through this day.  I WANT me to be in THIS day.

I am far into the future.  I am foreseeing the possibilities of scenarios playing themselves out that shake me.  That quake me.  Yet I also know that if “people” are not remotely concerned about the fact that certain groups of humans are changing the earth climate to bring about ice ages in some places and severe drought in others, are changing the planet with concerns not for the death of species but for the trillions to be made once trade routes across the poles and access to resources under the sea — what future do we face?


I find myself feeling hopeful today because I do believe it is the “poor” in money people around this globe that will end up saving the human species.  These people live in cultures that are the closest to indigenous ones that can be found.  These saviors of our species probably include those living in the 100+ identified “untouched” groups within the depths of the tiny bit of wilderness this planet still has upon it.

It is not the wealthy in America – or Canada – or anywhere else on this earth that will save our species — if we can, in fact, be saved at all.

What I do know is that it is the worst of the worst kinds of signs to me that women – MOTHERS – of increasing numbers of our species’ offspring are abandoning them at or very near their birth to work outside the home.  It bothers me that because the truth about what children need especially prior to age 5 can so easily be forgotten that nobody has to feel guilty or bad in any way for the suffering through neglect that our offspring are being forced to endure.

This neglect is changing the kind of humans these children will grow up to be – in their very physiology.

See no evil?  There is none.  Who says so?


I don’t want to know what I know.  Yet I am the one who opened my own self up to research and discovery about what attachment of humans to their mothers and other PRIMARY consistent attachment caregivers IS and what it is designed to accomplish.  Humans DID reach a point in evolution where things were going so well in cultures that mothers could care for their infants optimally so that our nervous system-brain could develop in the finest of directions.

We were able to achieve SELFHOOD and consciousness.  We were able to develop the ability to connect our feeling being with empathy, compassion and altruistic action.  We evolved to make informed choices freely.  We are losing these abilities.  They came to us DIRECTLY THROUGH advances in abilities of mothers to MOTHER their young offspring.

Take away the mothers – take away the essence of our humanity.

We are so neglecting the facts about what safe and secure attachment early relationships are designed to accomplish that we are putting our “civilized” children at great risk for a retreat to a physiological response to life that makes them – in the depths of my thinking – more animal than evolved human.

That I realize today I do not see this happening IN EVERY CULTURE in the world is of great solace to me.  That the direction America is going in appears to be sending our nation over the brink like so many 7-year annihilation lemmings is becoming less and less of a concern to me.

We are going to get as a nation exactly what we are asking for!


I find myself boiling down the problem.  Our culture succeeded in devaluing the contribution that women – as mothers – made to the point that they finally fought back – and LEFT.

Women abandoning their offspring for most of their waking early life is NOT merely about money although our problems are increasingly talked about as if “the almighty dollar” has control over everything especially Americans think, say and do.


Safe and secure intimate early attachment relationships for human offspring are not touchy-feelie incidentals to human growth and development.  Those relationships make us human and advance us beyond the animal characteristics that are meant to only be HALF of who we are in our physical lifetime.

Take away those relationships – take away the best of our humanity.

That must be what America wants.  We could hardly be doing a better job of designing our own demise.


I began this blog personally focussing on the effects of the terrible abuse I suffered for 18 years from birth – done to me by a psychotic mentally ill (Borderline Personality Disorder) mother.  What I see today is that NEGLECT — the insidious NEGLECT of the needs of our little ones under the age of 5 has the power to destroy our entire nation — and see how easy it is to neglect to even notice this is happening?

Look around.  Who is caring for the babies, toddlers and preschoolers in our society?  How do we define care?  Take care of their physical needs and what comes out at the end is ……  well, I’ve said enough for one day.

Except to ask, “Where is the tipping point?  Where is the point that once reached means we cannot turn back?”

When SELVES disappear and we don’t even notice?  When the ability to communicate through facial expression disappears?  When half of our citizens feel numb and don’t even know it?  When we lose the ability to notice suffering or to care and act accordingly on behalf of others — or even care about the planet we live upon? 


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