Friday, January 3, 2014.  At 62 years of age I can truthfully say that never until I read this book have I had any soul-level connection to what anyone has ever told me about FORGIVENESS.  Was I finally just ready to gain some tiny glimmer of understanding about this process now or is there something special in this book I read recently and recommend highly?

The Wind is My Mother by Bear Heart and Molly Larkin

If Bear Heart is still living he would be in his 90s.  What I understand about what he said about forgiveness is that IT IS FOR GIVING!

Well, how simple is that?

I think about how up until the moment I read his words I have always framed my thinking about the insanely (literally) horrible 18 years of abuse I suffered from birth by thinking that I know my mother’s and my father’s sickness of the body interfered with the ability of their soul to make informed choices in their lives.  In such cases I have always encouraged what I call “informed compassion.” rather than forgiveness because I suspect there are human-caused traumas that are so huge that forgiveness may simply not be relevant in any ordinary way.

A different light flipped on as I read Bear Heart’s take on forgiveness.  On all but the most HUGE and horrendous hurt-filled levels forgiveness is called for — and the need for it can be simply recognized — when any possibility of giving to the “guilty” person has been nullified.

Well, thinking about my mother I can still say that I cannot scan my being and find any sense that I ever did want to give anything to HER.  She doesn’t live in this world anymore anyway.  (Same with my father.)  What I DO see is that what I learn about her illness and about what she did to me I feel the desire to make something good out of to give out in any way I can.

This all then filters to how I interact with others around me and I am practising being able to notice when I block the feeling of wanting to give to someone because I have not forgiven them for some real or perceived injury.  Bear Heart states that forgiving and loving are part of the same reality.  If one loves they will forgive because one does not exist without the other.  Love is for giving as is life!

 These new insights and thoughts have opened a door for me into a wider and richer, more in-formed consideration of what it means that God, the Creator loves AND forgives me.  Just saying….


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