Creative processes have a way of their own.  I just realized why I cannot bring myself to continue to write past chapter 42 of the 10th book for the entire Mildred series.  The book is already completed!

WOW!  Am I glad for that, and glad that I have figured that fact out!  Such a sense of freedom, of accomplishment, of relief and yes, of TRIUMPH!

Book #10 is the second book, actually, of the second series that tells this entire saga.  Story Without Words, as I have been posting progress on its cover art, is the first book BEFORE the two series begins.  From that point there is one series of Mildred’s Mountain that contains the seven volumes of my abusive, mentally ill mother’s own writings.

The series I am working on now takes her words, adds commentary and takes on the ring of reality as I tell my own child abuse story within Mother’s words.  This book that I realize is FINISHED is the 2nd of this Dark Side of Mildred’s Mountain series.

As I reached the limit of my tolerance for dealing further with Mother’s words in book #10 – I realized that readers of that book will have ALSO reached their own level of tolerance at this same point.  Therefore, this volume has completed itself.

I need to longer think about it except in editorial and proof-reading terms.  When I return from my travels to Alaska in June with a stop in Seattle to visit family, I will consider the NEXT book, #3 in Dark Side (the 11th book in the entire saga).


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