I am progressing with the cover image to the point where I need to figure out the actual size of this so that it can be photographed and resized using the proportion/ratio of the ebook picture size of 1563 pixels on the bottom (shortest) side of the cover by 2500 pixels on the top (longest) side of the cover.

I will have to play around with angle of the shots to be taken — so that I can figure out how these pillars will be situated — what “window” into the scene will I use?  That will determine what size I make the “carpet” for the image, how far above the pillars the space in the image for the full-size title will be, and below the pillars how much I will add for space to have my name on the book.

All kind of mind boggling to me — but meanwhile, I might as well get used to the context for this unusual book over as the image is evolving.  Here are a few pictures —

1st pics image 001

Abused children are in a prison they cannot escape from on their own – prison bars on the wallpaper are narrow cardboard strips –

1st pics image 002

The circle of rage flames the abuser stands in is removable.  I need to begin to see this whole thing in 2-D rather than in 3-D

1st pics image 003

I sprayed the abuser with a matte finish rather than gloss – I am not happy with the shine for this finish!  I do not have access to matte Mod Podge — the Elmer’s glue was too cloudy – a process to be continued –

1st pics image 004

Hard image to look at — I have to build tolerance to study it as it grows into a whole — I feel sad looking at it.  So far I do not keep the pieces in place when I am not working on the image —

1st pics image 005

The wider I make the horizontal on this the taller I will have to make the ‘filler’ top and bottom.  Also need to decide if I want a shine to the floor material – I do not want this photographed with flash – wish I could do outdoors – so much to consider —

1st pics image 006

Well, back to work….


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