I need to get outside today to work on vicious-dog-proofing my chicken pen – but before I do I am going to post here a series of short emails I wrote today to a friend and fellow collaborator on researching the truth about what early insecure and unsafe attachment interactions do to change our early physiological development – and hence our body-brain’s development – and our lives.

I am not going to edit these or formalize these thoughts of mine on the subject of ‘psychology’ – I don’t have the time.  Yet I have never written on this top before – so here are this morning’s notes posted in the order the emails were sent off:


(talking about my take on ‘psychology’)

to me this is the value of the AAI – and a recognition of earliest infant attachment that can also be SEEN and assessed by its patterns and how these patterns manifest in one’s life

these patterns ARE physiological – to me there – from where I stand as a trauma altered individual – there is no possible benefit to me of studying any single line of BS that lies under the umbrella of psychology
I would most closely fall under an umbrella of ‘physiological alterations in development’ that affect every aspect of my being alive in a body
the psych stuff comes from another place – where I do not live
even for my mother – yes, she was severely mentally ill – but in the end I do not believe there is anything psych could offer in explanation
her body changed including her brain – from trauma as a child – and VOILA!  look what came out of THAT
pscyh is to me nothing more than philosophy
even when it studies science – it remains philosophy unless the factual science takes central roles in conveying anything of value to us about ‘what’s going on’ 


for the roughly 50% of our pop that come up to age 2 with safe and secure attachment body-brains (and nervous system, etc) – I have no pity for those who might benefit from the fairy tales of psychology – and CHOOSE to live neuroticallly

My concern is with the other half that have body-brain built from patterns of (and degrees of) unsafe and insecure attachment
this is entirely physiological – whatever neurosis these people might display (along with those who display ‘psychopathology’) must first be recognized as it exists in their trauma-affected physiological development during their most critical stages of growth
neurosis is a luxury safe and securely built people participate in.  Whomever wishes to spend their time being deeply concerned with those people’s problems – well, educate them, teach them to GROW UP and recognize the CHOICES that they make – because they CAN
For the rest of us – we need to know what unsafe and insecurely attached physiology has DONE to us – including how that physiology robs us of the ability to CHOOSE on many important levels – critical levels – such as Dr. Teicher’s article describes
because we have a very differently-built body-brain the old rules, made by the safe and securely attached people who run the ivory towers – do not apply to us the way we are being told that they do
hence our instinctive recognition that the true info we need is not being made available to us.  In effect, we are being lied to and misguided by those who do not YET know what they are doing.
In the smallest of nutshells – and I mean molecularly — when we are born, even before we are born, opioid systems in our body are regulating how we develop – and they guide all attachment-related responses/changes our body-brain makes
for a newborn, for example.  when infant’s needs are met opioid receptors are full.  As infant experiences a need that tips the balance in an uncomfortable shift from a state of homeostatic equilibrium, the opioid receptors empty.
in a healthy environment no matter what the infant’s immediate need is, it is met by its caregivers.  infant returns to homeostatic equilibrium because its opioid receptors are full again.
the opioid system is designed to keep us all HAPPY – if things go right.  If they don’t go right, this is the level, the molecular level, where the trauma altered development changes direction in adaptation to an ENVIRONMENT that is less than benevolent –
we anthropomorphize humanity.  Nature is concerned firstly with the survival of the BODY to ensure a person reaches reproductive age.  No longer, in the worst cases of adaptation to the most traumatic early unsafe and insecure environment
it is a communication through chemical signals between a human being from conception that is telling this body what kind of world then are IN, so the body can develop in interaction to prepare for the SAME KIND of world to reproductive age
this has nothing to do with psychology.


the Dalai Lama periodically holds those ‘conferences’ where he gets groups of monks together with the world’s top scientists who present their research findings

I never remember what these meetings are called
but I suppose it’s been about 8-10 years ago – he called in neuroscientists studying early development
who described research in essence:
a calm mother rat has a litter.  she raises them.  the babies all grow up calm
a neurotic mother rat has a litter, raises them, the babies all grow up neurotic (super anxious, etc.)
switch the babies at birth, take the calm babies, give them to the neurotic mother, babies all grow up neurotic
take the neurotic mother’s babies, give them to the calm rat, they all grow up calm
in the ensuing discussion someone asked the Dalai Lama if with humans neurotically-raised humans (in essence unsafe and insecurely attached-built) had an equal chance to reach enlightenment with the ‘calm folks’ in this lifetime.  The Dalai Lama fell silent – and finally responded, “No.”
In my universe this has nothing to do with psychology


this is clarifying for me this morning – if these books generate enough $ that I can channel toward nonprofit – even though all I would hope to encourage toward getting this info to the lay public – parenting classes, early developmental charts of brain development through attachment interactions with mother – etc

in the end the single most important piece of work we could support would be to get a version of the AAI OUT into the public – if parents do not understand their own attachment patterns they will be stopped BY THEM in some way for every effort they make to change
same with ‘neurotic behaviors’ – the underlying attachment has to be assessed clearly and easily –
yeah, like I am going to have enough $ and power to argue this out with Berkeley?


As far as I know Berkeley developed the adult attachment assessment tool, the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI).  The AAI remains to this day ‘held hostage’ in the Ivory Tower and has never been worked on in order to come up with a lay-friendly tool that can be used by all of us to begin to understand our own degrees of safe and secure versus unsafe and insecure attachment.

Just as our entire underlying attachment physiology determines how our body-brain develops in the first place, it seems that an accurate assessment of our attachment patterns is the very first place we have to start in understanding our self in our life.

Having this very accurate and very specific information is essential to us defining the truth about everything we know about being a human being.


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