I see no possibility of individual healing without consideration for the generations in the past that suffered and for the generations in the future that we wish not to suffer.  In Native American Worldviews this is talked about in terms of the Seven Generations.

Below are some links about this Seventh Generation thinking.  The European heritages that are linked to the horrendous traumas inflicted upon the indigenous inhabitants of this vast blessed land are very comfortable in self-centered thinking.

Self-centered thinking is not a healing way of being in a body on this planet.

All life is linked both in injury and in health.

I cannot consider the massive traumas inflicted upon me from the time of my birth until I was ejected from my family of origin when I was 18 without thinking both about at least the seven generations that preceded me as the accumulated traumas and wounds of those generations found their way into our family home – or without thinking at least of the seven generations that are following me.

I will never know the life story of most of my ancestors, yet I value and work with everything I have found out about any of them.  I believe so-called ‘western’ ego-centric thinking very easily leads to sickness.  I believe consideration for the entire web of life we are a part of creates healing.

In order to personally become a prism for healing within my family I must allow my knowing to grow into a soul knowing which is far more expansive than the thinking of the mainstream culture of the nation in which I reside.  I must be aware not only of my relationship with all life at this present moment – I must recognize the prism of me at least as the center link with seven generations going backward and with seven generations going forward.

Even for those who have never suffered human-caused abuse and trauma, even for those who will never have children – our personal expanded healing work and thinking will impact all life.  We are not separated beings even if we think we are.

I am not afraid to try to make that stretch.  Are you?


Ancestral Healing

Healing the Wounds of Your Ancestors

Our Responsibility to the Seventh Generation

America’s Forgotten Responsibility – The Seventh Generation – Native American Elder Prophecies

Seventh Generation Advisors

Pearls of Wisdom – The Seventh Generation

Video – For the Next Seven Generations – Grandmothers Speak

Seven Generations Sustainability

Native American Prophecy



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