+USEFUL INGENUITY (with a sense of humor!)


My coffee pot broke this morning one last time.  Plastic.  Sometimes I hate it!  Last time it broke I taped it back together again with metal tape.  No hope for it today.

House is cold, can’t heat what I am not using.  Good thing I bought a giant drapery at the thrift store weeks ago thinking, “Someday this will be useful.”  Today it was.

Used drapery, top opened up, cut in half, sprayed with water with a little fabric softener in it -- My maid said she'd return next century to iron them for me.

Good thing I hung onto those curtain hooks.  “Someday I will need them.”  Today I did.

Will the wrinkles disappear as the sprayed fabric dries? Stay tuned....

Curtain rod so I could put up the drapery to close off my living/craft/music/sitting/living room?  I needed a pole 76″ long.  OK, I found one.  Never mind it has an iron rock rake head an ingenious Mexican man pounded onto it long ago so well I cannot remove it.  Today it’s my curtain rod.

Well, some folks hang old saw blades up for interior decoration -- why not a rake? Anyone else on the planet have a rake rod for curtains?

Never mind those at risk outdoor hose bibs subject to tonight’s freeze.  Nothing a fist full of raw sheep wool and some cut rags can’t fix (I hope).

Warm - enough - I hope! (My kitchen water faucets run outside the wall - good ole Arizona-Mexico border plumbing)

Let’s also hear applause for the broken old dishes retrieved from a long closed town dump.  They now grace a wall in mosaic.

Dishes on the wall
The dump these pieces were retrieved from closed in 1954

Never mind the adobe chicken coop I built last spring for my hens.  It’s going down to 11 degrees tonight here in the high Arizona desert.  The hens want nothing to do with their coop, preferring to perch outside in their cage all night.  I have done my ingenious best.  Today I made a long line of cracked corn leading into their warm house — if they follow it.

But, we all know you can lead a hen into its coop but you cannot make it roost.

And a little winter greenery



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