I think in an ideal world every neighborhood in America would have its own healing social group!  A time and a place where people could come together and talk about how they are becoming better people every day, how they are learning about hard things they have gone through, how all of us can support and care about one another no matter what our difficulties have been and might be now.

We could share what inspires us!  Well, at least I have this amazing blog space, and all the fantastic people who stroll by for a visit.  So today I want to mention another movie I just watched on disc from Netflix.  I L-O-V-E-D it!

Pete Seeger: The Power of Song (2007)


My heart and soul were so warmed by this story I watched last night that I am still smiling inside and out from it this morning!  When we think about “What can one person do to help change the world?” we can think about what Pete Seeger did.  We ALL have gifts!  Most of us not such amazing ones as Pete had – but what if we all went digging around in our inner forgotten closets and cupboards, under our beds, out in the garage – maybe even in our inner junk piles – where we have ACCIDENTALLY misplaced the gifts we have EACH been given?

What if we dug around, found a gift, recognized its connection to something about us we have ALWAYS loved, that has ALWAYS contributed to our inner joy and peace, and then shined up these gifts, made repairs if needed, and then put them to GOOD USE?

This movie, for one thing, reminds us that we ALL have within us the God-given power to SING!!!  That is what Pete did!  He not only reminded thousands upon thousands of ordinary people that humans can SING, he encouraged people to remind others – until the circle ripples of SONG filled the spaces in the air where crying and dead, dead silence USED to be.  At the same time, and greatly through the power of unity and joy that music is a part of, the world began to change.

Singing is about LOVE.  There is NOTHING to be ashamed of in that word, in that experience – LOVE.

When I think how abused and traumatized infants and children receive overwhelming experiences of the OPPOSITE of love – HATE!!  And as I think about how survivors can never escape having gone through trauma that changed them in their physiological development in so many permanent ways – I think about the POWER of song, the POWER of music to awaken the soul to LOVE – inside and out.

Please consider finding a way to watch this movie.  Those of you who subscribe to Netflix can get the movie in on disc.  It can be purchased through amazon.com HERE.

This movie is the only authorized biography of Pete Seeger, a great American musician and hero of generations.  Wickipedia story about him HERE.  Born 1919, as far as I know this humble, good man is still living!!!!  Although many didn’t and might still not agree with his political views, Pete exercised what needs to remain an American right to hold to one’s own self what a person feels to be true.  Pete harmed no one – and helped so many more than a few they cannot be counted.

Hats off to you, PETE!  Thank you for being you!!  Thank you for knowing your gifts and for sharing them.  Thank you to your parents and to others who so guided you in your own right direction!  And thank you to our Creator, the Greatest Mystery of all time, for Your generosity in providing all of us with GIFTS!!!



By the way, as a total beginner to reading and playing music, I am learning this on keyboard – what fun – (work, too) – love it!  Listen here:  Mana- Hechicera



  1. Lovely aspirations for humankind Momma, and a movie well-worth seeing to inspire you so much! Hechicera sounds like a lovely song — looking forward to your recital! 🙂


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