This week, lawmakers in Washington, DC are busy negotiating an agreement to pay our country’s debts and avert economic disaster by raising the national debt ceiling before the August 2nd deadline. Americans remain firmly opposed to any deal that includes cuts in Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security while billionaires and corporate CEOs continue to get tax breaks that drain money from the budget.

But, on Saturday, Republican House Speaker John Boehner abandoned negotiations in order to protect Wall Street fat cats and billionaires from having to pay their fair share to reduce the debt.

Unlike the Republicans, we can’t run away from our responsibility to seniors, children, people with disabilities and middle-class families. Call your Senator today and tell them to protect Medicaid instead of tax breaks for millionaires, billionaires and big corporations.

Faith leaders, direct care providers, and advocates are rallying with Senator Franken and others today in Washington DC to tell negotiators that seniors, children, middle-class and struggling families should not bear the brunt of reducing the deficit when millionaires and billionaires get a free ride.

Your Senators need to hear from you today. Call now and demand no cuts to Medicaid.

We need a reasonable plan for deficit reduction that reflects our values, that protects our families and neighbors, and that doesn’t shift more burdens onto middle class families and states.

Demand a budget plan that reduces the deficit responsibly and works for all Americans – not just millionaires and big business. Urge your senators to oppose harmful cuts or caps to programs serving our nation’s most vulnerable communities.

In Solidarity,
Melinda Gibson



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