I want to highlight today an important concept called ‘good enough parenting’.  This kind of parenting – human parenting which is never perfect because people aren’t perfect – does guarantee to an infant-child that its most basic rights and needs will be met in a ‘good enough’ way.

‘Good enough’ parenting communicates to a little one’s developing body-brain that the world is safe and secure enough that drastic adjustments to its physiology DO NOT have to be made.  This ‘good enough’ parenting lies along the spectrum of safe and secure attachment from conception as it signals to a little one’s genetic potential that all is well-enough with the world and Trauma Altered Development does not happen.

What is this ‘good enough parenting’ like?  I am presenting links to some information that can provide food for thought both for those of us who received ANYTHING BUT ‘good enough’ parenting and thus experienced Trauma Altered Development (along with receiving an insecure attachment disorder-pattern) and for those who DID receive ‘good enough’ parenting and/or provided it for their own offspring.


If you might find yourself only following one of the links presented here today – this one is worth the journey!!

From Newharbinger Publications:  An interview with Ruth P. Newton, Ph.D.

— author of The Attachment Connection: Parenting a Secure & Confident Child Using the Science of Attachment Theory


Here is a book on the concept of ‘good enough parenting’ described originally by the British doctor Donald Woods Winnicott:

A Good Enough Parent : A Book on Child-Rearing – Paperback (Mar. 12, 1988) by Bruno Bettelheim

Product Description

In this book, the preeminent child psychologist of our time gives us the results of his lifelong effort to determine what is most crucial in successful child-rearing. His purpose is not to give parents preset rules for raising their children, but rather to show them how to develop their own insights so that they will understand their own and their children’s behavior in different situations and how to cope with it. Above all, he warns, parents must not indulge their impulse to try to create the child they would like to have, but should instead help each child fully develop into the person he or she would like to be.”


What is “good enough” parenting?

This website page describes how ‘attunement’ is critical to the healthy growth and development of an infant-child and that it can mean different things at different stages of a little one’s development.


Article on ‘good enough’ parenting and Reactive Attachment Disorder:  Good Enough Parenting


WHAT IS GOOD ENOUGH PARENTING? Attunement And Self-Esteem In Child Rearing


Valuing Parent Education: a Cornerstone of Child Abuse Prevention


Effective Parenting Capacity Assessment:  Key Issues


A very interesting site:  GoodEnoughCaring.com website


Good Enough Moms & Dads:  Separating Fact from Fiction about Parent-Child Attachment


A New Guide to Attachment Parenting Questions The Medical Establishment

February 11, 2011 by Mary Jessica Hammes


How Much Attachment Parenting is Necessary?  The real key to parent-child bonding

By Heather Turgeon  February 10, 2011


The Good Enough Parent

by Nadia on Thu, 2010-12-02

A recent debate on the mommy blogs and in the NY Times got Nadia thinking about the idea of the “good enough parent.”



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