Yesterday repaired the well-used 1st adobe block form and built two more - used wood glue, metal to strengthen corners, soaked with used motor oil so the bricks release - each block 10" x 14" (New Mexico block size) takes nearly a 5-gallon bucket of mud - need to work with triple forms for next adobe project....
First rows of adobe chicken coop/rabbit hutch!
Purple posts going in for chicken run (there's those two Mexican-American border fences again)
The native plant collection, gets covered with used glass shower doors at night, a few asapargus plants in there and if you look closely at back row, a little purple flower bloomed today! Still working on their beds.
Sturdy little pansy plants made it thru the two nights of two below zero! (Anyone have the urge to pick that weed right out of this photo?)
Love their color. They hug the soil, maybe scared of another HARD freeze? Love contrast of all flower colors against this desert soil.
Climbing rose putting on leaves with bed partner tulips.

Happy little tomatoes - Beefstake and Sweet 100 cherries - have no pots to move these into as can't put in ground for another 6 weeks, will have to be creative! Those are HOT little Chiltipin peppers there to the left.
Absolutely desperate for organic matter to compost - began to raid the poor frozen stinking dead cacti across my street today - Gardening! Gotta love it!
Four cubic yards of rotting cacti buried in the compost pile - off to get more tomorrow with the sunrise! Love making something healthy and living from the dead.
Four back beds, digging in compost, iron, phosphate/phosphorous, sulfur and gypsum. Still working on the drip irrigation lines in the back...
And my new puppy, Who Who - daughter flew her down from Fargo 'cause pup bit the grandbaby! Is Pomchi and terrible with kids - just lost all her LONG mop hair yesterday, cut now for the desert life!


Here are a few pictures from today’s garden work in the sun – gorgeous day!  I am in the middle of a ten day stretch of soaking the entire yard as have beneficial nematodes spread over the soil that have to soak in to find and kill the nasty and garden-devastating grubs!  Still have to finish all the back drip irrigation.


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