As in the natural world, there are complex links between the quality of individual human development and the status of the human community.  Infancy, a time to which our nation is blindsided, is a crucial developmental stage when an individual forms the core of conscience, develops the ability to trust and relate to others, and lays down the foundation for lifelong learning and thinking. [all of which occur during physiological development within attachment-based earliest infant-caregiver interactions] The quality of the human environment is directly tied to each individual’s ability to love [and to be loved] to emphasize with others, and to engage in complex thinking.  By failing to understand the cumulative effects of the poisons assaulting our babies in the form of abuse, neglect, and toxic substances, we are participating in our own destruction.

Our ignorance of and indifference to the complex nature of infancy has significantly contributed to one sign of systemic distress that we can no longer ignore.  Violence is now epidemic in American society.  It dominates our media, permeates our play, steals our loved ones, implodes our families, and claims a growing percentage of our young.  Our response is to deploy the most rapid rate of incarceration in the world.”  (pages 12,13 —Ghosts from the Nursery: Tracing the Roots of Violence (1998) by Robin Karr-Morse, Meredith S. Wiley.)



The Children’s Defense Fund – The State of America’s Children 2010 Report

CDF’s The State of America’s Children 2010, is a compilation of the most recent and reliable national and state-by-state data on poverty, health, child welfare, youth at risk, early childhood development, education, family income and gun violence. The report provides a statistical compendium of key child data showing alarming numbers of children at risk: the number of poor children has increased by 2.5 million since 2000 to 14.1 million, with almost half of them living in extreme poverty, and 8.1 million children lack health coverage — with both numbers likely to increase during the recession.

According to the CDF report, children in America lag behind almost all industrialized nations on key child indicators. The United States has the unwanted distinction of being the worst among industrialized nations in relative child poverty, in the gap between rich and poor, in teen birth rates, and in child gun violence.”

Are Our Children Ready to Compete in the Global Arena?

How America Ranks Among Industrialized Countries in Investing in and Protecting Children

1st in gross domestic product

1st in number of billionaires

1st in number of persons incarcerated

1st in health expenditures

1st in military technology

1st in defense expenditures

1st in military weapons exports

21st in 15-year-olds’ science scores

21st in low birthweight rates

25th in 15-year-olds’ math scores

28th in infant mortality rates

Last in relative child poverty

Last in the gap between the rich and the poor

Last in adolescent birth rates (ages 15 to 19)

Last in protecting our children against gun violence

The United States and Somalia (which has no legally constituted government) are the only two United Nations members that have failed to ratify the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. [READ RELATED BLOG POSTS HERE]


Children’s Defense Fund — Moments in America for All Children

Every second a public school student is suspended.*

Every 11 seconds a high school student drops out.*

Every 19 seconds a child is arrested.

Every 19 seconds a baby is born to an unmarried mother.

Every 20 seconds a public school student is corporally punished.*

Every 32 seconds a baby is born into poverty.

Every 41 seconds a child is confirmed as abused or neglected.

Every 42 seconds a baby is born without health insurance.

Every minute a baby is born to a teen mother.

Every minute a baby is born at low birthweight.

Every 4 minutes a child is arrested for a drug offense.

Every 7 minutes a child is arrested for a violent crime.

Every 18 minutes a baby dies before his or her first birthday.

Every 45 minutes a child or teen dies from an accident.

Every 3 hours a child or teen is killed by a firearm.

Every 5 hours a child or teen commits suicide.

Every 6 hours a child is killed by abuse or neglect.

Every 15 hours a mother dies from complications of childbirth or pregnancy.

From this report:

Key Facts

Child Population

Child Poverty

Family Structure

Family Income

Child Health

Early Childhood Development


Other Vulnerable Children and Youths

Gun Violence


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