I occasionally get the bright idea that I could wander around the web and find sites related to healing infant-child abuse trauma so that I could promote my blog-info in a little comment inviting readers to come over here for a visit to my Stop the Storm blog.  The only problem is that I never get that far and instead end up wanting to present other people’s blog work here for my readers to visit, learn from and support.

So, a word of thanks to any of my blog readers who might leave a link to my blog when they go visit someone else’s and leave a word about my work in a comment.  Just copy this and paste into your comment https://stopthestorm.wordpress.com/

So what follows are some links for places I visited today!  (I was following a Google search for ‘child abuse trauma blog’)


I want to highlight a post on the blog of Dr. Kathleen Young (a therapist in Chicago) entitled Treating Trauma: Top 10 for 2010.  These are among these top posts Dr. Young mentions:

Depersonalization Disorder. In this most read post of 2010 I defined depersonalization, as a normative experience, a symptom of other diagnoses or a type of dissociative disorder. I also shared research that explored the role of childhood interpersonal trauma in depersonalization disorder.

Complex PTSD describes a variant of PTSD that applies to those who have experienced prolonged, repeated abuse from an early age. This was one of my favorite posts of the year as it is at the heart of much of my practice. It was also inspired by a fantastic training I attended in 2010 Contextual Therapy: Treating Survivors of Complex Trauma.

Verbal Abuse: Words Can Hurt. I am so glad this topic got a lot of attention, given how little we understand the impact of verbal abuse. Here I shared research that indicates that parental verbal abuse alone can impact the child’s brain development in ways that lead to language processing issues and symptoms common to complex PTSD.

Understanding Dissociation was another favorite post of mine. Dissociation and trauma often go hand in hand, and yet it is not well understood even by trauma therapists! One take away idea: while dissociation helps you survive childhood trauma, it may be maladaptive later in life.

Does Self-Care Mean Others Don’t? is the most recent post in my top ten and part of a bigger conversation about self-care. The comments in response to both these posts are well worth reading and my favorite part of this entry. Your feedback and responses make me think and grow. That is what I love about blogging and what keeps me committed to it as we get ready for 2011.


Here is an informative article posted online by Prevent Child Abuse America:  Fact Sheet:  Emotional Child Abuse

Click here for the main website for Prevent Child Abuse America where the following can be found among the many informative links on this site:

Here are some helpful tips:

Recognizing Child Abuse: What You Should Know [pdf]

An Approach to Preventing Child Abuse [pdf]

Ten Ways to Help Prevent Child Abuse [pdf]

Twelve Alternatives to Lashing Out at Your Child [pdf]

For even more helpful Prevention tips click here.


I found this excellent post on the Nursing School Blog that includes a list with an active link along with a brief description for

40 Excellent Blogs for PTSD Support


I also found this Child Abuse Effects blog hosted by survivor/educator Darlene Barriere (Canadian).  Worth a visit and a click around – lots of information from professionals and readers alike along the left side of the blog.


Child Abuse Survivor

An interesting blog —   “About a male survivor of childhood abuse, and the issues he faces in adult life.”


Take a meander through the list on the right side of this one:   

Dr. Laura blog

America‘s #1 Female Talk Radio Host


Here is a blog about child abuse though I can’t quite figure out what it is actually CALLED!  My Windows says it has something to do with someone named Karen Holmes – comes complete with heart-touching comments —   CLICK HERE to read


An Interview with Author Chris Knight Capone by KevaD

An Interview with Author Chris Knight Capone

Chris Knight Capone’s moving novel “Son of Scarface” is not another book about Al Capone. What it is, is the unnerving story of an abused child, through the eyes of the child abused, seeking to unravel the mysterious life of his beloved father and the mother who physically and emotionally battered her son and daughter.

“Son of Scarface” is a book about healing and the tribulations of one man’s lifelong struggle to identify the past and heritage hidden from and denied him.”


Here on SelfGrowth.com (scroll down a little) there’s a

list of Overcoming Trauma Websites.


This entire (2001) article is available free online by clicking on the title:

The Role of Childhood Interpersonal Trauma in Depersonalization Disorder

By Daphne Simeon, M.D., Orna Guralnik, Psy.D., James Schmeidler, Ph.D., Beth Sirof, M.A., and Margaret Knutelska, M.A.

In conclusion, this study is the first systematic demonstration of an association between depersonalization disorder and childhood interpersonal trauma and suggests that emotional abuse may play an important role in the genesis of depersonalization symptoms. In contrast to physical and sexual abuse, psychological maltreatment appears underestimated and neglected in the psychiatric literature and merits more attention. Finally, the various dissociative disorders may lie on a spectrum of severity associated with different types of childhood traumatic antecedents.”




  1. Aloha……and here I was thinking I was all alone!!!..I’ve been working on self improvement and have been diagnosed in the early ’70’s as MPD then doubted and called everything from BPD to DID. I’m seeing a therapist today and spent many sessions “stuck.” You have a very informative website and wish I had the organization skills to spread out my life as well as you have. My older sister and my younger brother are just becoming “aware” and we are speaking regularly for the first time in well over 40+ yrs!!! My sis verified my accounts. Had I mentioned that neither of us seen each other in 35+ yrs. Mom did a marvelous job pitting us against each other that we doubted ourselves ……wow~ Mahalo for this website!!

  2. Thank you so much for linking to my blog. I am glad you found my post worthwhile. I am a frequent visitor to your blog. You certainly have a wealth of information and experience to share!


    Kathleen Young

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